Legal Disclaimer: We are not doctors, our supplements are not FDA approved, we do not give health advice. We sell the same tools that we use to manage our own health (and yes, we experience amazing results doing so). The Protocols detail our approach but are not prescriptive. Do your own research, make sure that you understand what you are doing before actually doing it. Identify any allergies or sensitivities to any of our supplements by carefully reading the ingredients list/protocol & starting with very low doses until you are confident that you can handle more. Also, please use common sense. If you have a medical emergency or need surgical care etc; go see a doctor. Specialists are exceedingly efficient when it comes to issues unrelated to nutrition & toxins and we are by no means advocating never going to see a doctor.

Based in Richmond, Virginia; uThrive Labs began more than twenty years ago. 
Born out of necessity, we had to fend for ourselves following endless consultations revolving around a life threatening condition. We cleaned up the worst parts of our diet, attacked obvious sources of toxicity, and began testing out alternative methods to see what "worked". Silver Water was the first supplement uThrive perfected. This was soon followed by our cellular workhorse Yellow Juice; and then, the magic bullet, Carbon 60. Our health rapidly improved from that point on. As our understanding of holistic health expanded, so did the arsenal of supplements we offered. Extras went to friends & family who noticed similar benefits and got hooked. Yada yada we have a website so you can get in on the holistic health action too.

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Our unique approach was assembled by applying over a decade of nearly constant study across all domains of health. Information was painstakingly gathered from hundreds of the brightest minds in the ayurvedic, naturopathic, homeopathic & detox world. We identified key concepts, tested them to determine/verify results, and refined & improved the overall process. Save yourself the time, money, & effort. The absolute worst time to begin to educate yourself on these matters is following a diagnoses (one that might not even be relevant). Additionally, allopathic healthcare is becoming prohibitively expensive & can wipe out a lifetime of earnings if you get sick enough. This is 100% unconscionable. uThrive Labs is committed to maintaining reasonable prices for our warriors (if our prices go up, thank the Fed). Beyond that, 3% of profits will be donated quarterly directly to projects/people that are focused on elevating humanity back to its rightful state.

And what about the uThrive lab? In the lab our focus is on cleanliness & efficiency. Our lab is fully equipped to produce consistently high-quality/powerful supplements at scale. Pharmaceutical grade equipment is used throughout and we take care to bottle everything by hand. We do our best to ensure that glass & stainless steel are the only surfaces that your supplements come into contact with as they are produced. When water is needed, only 0 PPM double-distilled water (pure) is used. Supplement bottles are always glass, amber/UV resistant, and come with LDPE, air-tight, solvent-safe tops. Glassware is thoroughly washed at high temperature and/or with organic/food-grade solvents before being filled/used. As a final quality check, samples are taken of every batch & viewed under a high-power microscope before bottling. Lastly, we safety seal everything. This attention to detail is intended to give you (and us, because we use these things too!) the peace of mind needed to focus on your health :)

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