Legal Disclaimer: We are not doctors, our tools are not FDA approved, we do not give health advice. We sell the same tools that we use to manage our own health (and yes, we experience amazing results doing so). The Protocols detail our approach but they are not prescriptive. Do your own research, make sure that you understand what you are doing before actually doing it. Identify any allergies or sensitivities to any of our tools by carefully reading the ingredients list/protocol & starting with low doses until you are confident that you can handle more. Also, please use common sense. If you have a medical emergency or need surgical care etc; see a doctor. Specialists are exceedingly efficient when it comes to issues unrelated to nutrition/toxins and we are by no means advocating never going to see a doctor.

Based in Richmond, Virginia; uThrive Labs began over twenty years ago...

Born out of necessity, we had to fend for ourselves following several ER trips related to a life threatening condition that left doctors baffled. We immediately cleaned up the worst parts of our diet, attacked obvious sources of toxicity, and began testing out alternative methods to see what "worked". Silver Water was the first thing uThrive perfected. This was soon followed by our cellular workhorse Yellow Juice; and then, the key to longevity, Carbon 60. Not content with good enough, The Wolverine was the cherry on top of the uThrive system, amplifying everything else & expediting the healing process. Our health rapidly improved from that point on. As our understanding of holistic health expanded, so did the arsenal of uThrive tools. Extras went to friends who noticed similar benefits and got hooked. Yada yada we have a website so you can get in on the holistic health action too.

Our unique approach to healthcare was assembled by applying over a decade of nearly constant study across every domain of health (using ourselves as test subjects). Information was painstakingly gathered from hundreds of the brightest minds in the ayurvedic, naturopathic, homeopathic & detox world. We identified key concepts, determined/verified results, and refined & improved the overall process. Save yourself the significant time, money, & effort. The absolute worst time to educate yourself on holistic health is following a diagnoses (one that might not even be relevant btw). Additionally, allopathic healthcare is becoming prohibitively expensive & can easily wipe out a lifetime of earnings if you get sick enough! This is 100% unconscionable. uThrive Labs is committed to maintaining reasonable prices (if our prices go up, thank the Fed). Plus we offer an amazing Honest Money Discount. Beyond that, we dedicate 3% of our profits for donation to projects/people that can elevate humanity back to its rightful state.

And what about the uThrive Lab itself? In the lab the focus is on cleanliness & efficiency as we produce various tools for our warriors. The uThrive lab is equipped to produce consistently high-quality/pure/powerful tools at scale. Pharmaceutical grade equipment is used throughout and everything is carefully bottled by hand. We do our best to ensure that glass & stainless steel are the only surfaces that contact our products as they are created. When water is needed, only 0 PPM double-distilled and filtered water (pure) is used. Fine filtration is performed on most supplements to ensure little/no sedimentation occurs (despite this, we still advise shaking bottles before use to ensure uniformity). uThrive bottles are glass, amber/UV resistant, and come with LDPE, air-tight, solvent-safe tops or glass droppers. Once bottled, uThrive tools are kept in a dark, temperature controlled space as they await shipment. All bottles and preparatory glassware is thoroughly washed at high temperature and/or with organic/food-grade solvents to ensure sterility. We don't forget about the air in the lab either as it is cleaned using a combination of HEPA filtration & intermittent Ozone purification. This attention to detail is intended to give you (and us, because we use these things too!) the peace of mind needed to focus solely on improving/maintaining your health.

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A sampling of uThrive Labs Testimonials, send us yours too!

OCTOBER 2023 - In July 2023, I had the pleasure of discovering the incredible offerings from uThrive Labs. I ordered a variety of their products & I’m very grateful I did because these products actually delivered on their claims! From the moment I started incorporating Yellow Juice & Carbon 60 into my daily routine, I noticed a remarkable improvement in my overall well-being. My general resilience improved & chronic fatigue became a thing of the past. These supplements not only boosted my energy levels but also had a profound impact on my mood. I was also amazed to witness significant hair & nail growth after consistently taking these two supplements. My once weak & brittle nails transformed to become strong & long for the first time in years! In fact, they grew so much that I had to trim them instead of dealing with breakage. As for my hair, it grew an astonishing two inches in just a matter of months. The oral care products were equally effective. I was able to address minor gum issues using Silver Water & The Wolverine. My gums healed in just a few days. I also incorporated Oil Puller and all of this together has been a complete game changer for my oral health! Overall, my experience with uThrive and their products has been empowering. I absolutely love having these items in my personal apothecary, as they truly deliver. I was able to naturally resolve a few pesky health issues, which makes these products worth their weight in gold in my opinion. I’ll definitely be purchasing uThrive products again & recommend them to anyone who wants to take charge of their health.

Angel Perez; Richmond, VA

AUGUST 2023 - I have had a tremendous experience with uThrive's products. 
My health took a turn for the worse in 2017, when I had a “widow maker” heart attack. That means that the aorta is blocked. My aorta was 100% blocked. So, I was told by my Cardiologist that I would be on blood pressure medication for the rest of my life. Then in 2018 during a follow up appointment, the doctor pushed me hard to begin weekly Injections of a medication called “Praulent”. Praulent is an engineered protein- in the “biologic” drug class - that is designed to consume cholesterol within the body. Most of the drugs that are advertised on TV and elsewhere are in this biologic class and should be avoided at all costs. The side effects of these biologic drugs can and often cause substantial damage to your body. If you pay attention to these ads, you’ll note that side effects are casually mentioned in these ads can cause life changing medical issues and often include death. Upon taking my 4th injection, I suffered a devastating allergic reaction that caused severe swelling inside sinuses and nasopharynx. This caused me to lose my hearing in my left ear - and suffer from intolerable tinnitus. I used prescription and over the counter anti-inflammatories, but these failed to resolve the problem. I began to explore how to fix this problem on my own. I was introduced to uThrive Labs in the Spring of 2020. I decided to try Carbon 60 & Yellow Juice. Today, I use four different uThrive products. While my issues are not fully resolved, I have stopped taking blood pressure meds and I feel better. A lot better. Additionally, my tinnitus is improving, and I have regained most of the hearing in my left ear. I highly recommend that anyone who is skeptical the state of the healthcare systems in the country and wants to move away from toxic medication (they all are) to pursue the actual resolution of your health issues through powerful, natural products. Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss. These products have made a world of difference.

Baxter Griffith; Springfield, VA

NOVEMBER 2023 - Like many people, I began my true journey into health & wellness during COVID in late 2019. Amid the many confusing and varying opinions about what was going on at the time I sought ways to improve my health and maximize my body’s immune function in the most natural ways possible. Among the minerals and supplements that I became interested in was Carbon 60 (C60). There is an abundance of research on it. While I was not dealing with any specific ailments at the time I really wanted to bolster my immune system. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of C60 convinced me that this was one of the best pathways. I met the folks at uThrive Labs and was impressed with their level of research, knowledge, and product testing so I purchased my first bottle of C60 from them…and I have been using it ever since!

Jeff Buhl; Arlington, VA