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"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: Because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee." -Hosea 4:6
It is time for us to go back to the future, to rediscover what has been hidden & revive the way we used to live in relative peace and prosperity. A world without fake/contrived bankster wars perpetuating the debt & death paradigm on the masses. To accomplish this monumental task, we must lay a parallel path for freedom-minded individuals. At its most basic, this path must include the following:

0.) God's Law - This having been fully perverted is why we are where we are today. Extreme accountability & a return to Common Law.

1.) Honest Money - Decentralized, finite money, no usury/fiat/fractional banking allowed; Crypto/Gold/Silver + Smart Contracts

2.) Holistic Health - A renewed focus on nutrition & Holistic. Health. Solutions. Hey, that sounds familiar!

3.) Reimagined Housing - Living holistically; reimagined housing with integrated water, heating, cooling, etc. & readily available organic food.

We are focusing on parts 1 & 2 now; God willing, part 3 will be our grand finale. Part 0, as the number implies, is ongoing and up to us all to impose! Does this seem like a dream? We agree, it does, but it existed before & the remnants of this world sit in plain sight today.

Unfortunately, the best parts of this realm have been destroyed & the rest was clumsily hidden; explained away in an effort to glorify our devolved state. Despite the treachery, this utopia can exist again but We The People must come together, realize our power and manifest it. Education is key in transformative endeavors such as this (re-education is a better term, almost everything taught in school today is absolute garbage designed to shut down creativity, critical thought, and innovation. This includes our entirely fake HIS-STORY and the very nature of this thing we live on). Overwhelmed? Fear not, we already have everything we just need to act. Simply, contribute as best you can while also supporting your neighbors.

Do not trust the science, do not trust the "experts", and especially; do not trust Google, Wikipedia, or self proclaimed "Fact-Checkers"! Vetting the occult is never easy, these are the darkest of waters after all, but the truth is always there waiting to be discovered. Truth becomes self-evident only through open-minded, intellectually honest, research and debate (name calling, censorship, and violence is almost always directed at those with knowledge of inconvenient truths). Not only does this process take time & effort, you also have to want to see it, regardless of its form. We all have biases, identify yours.

"Every fool is fully convinced, and everyone fully persuaded is a fool" -Baltasar Gracian

Making matters more difficult still, truth tends to be painful in a world of lies. Lies can make us look foolish and, I assure you, the level at which we have been deceived is epic indeed. Understand that our "controllers" do not want us to have certain information or technologies. Why? It is the source of their power over us. Much like Truman, they have us living in a fairy tale, content with our ignornace and unaware of what awaits us. Once the truth of this world is uncovered we become alive, God's warriors. Connected to his will & effective in our actions. Everything before that moment is a dream (and a satanic one at that). Recognizing the totality of the situation we find ourselves in, it becomes obvious that an information war has been upon us for some time. History is clear about what comes next. Wake now, time is short!

If this message resonates with you then welcome to the real battle. If you can spare-a-square, help expedite this mission with a donation below. Better yet, use our Crypto Addresses. Send us an email as well, we would love to hear from you :)
Thank you in advance for your generosity & God Bless!