We love Honest Money & much prefer Crypto or Goldbacks over increasingly worthless bankster fiat...

If you are new to crypto or precious metals (aka honest money), welcome! We make it worth your effort to get involved by offering 10% OFF when you pay with Crypto or Gold. As a bonus, you could also save yourself from financial ruin by beginning to understand the difference between real money (traditionally this was limited to physical gold & silver, now with the introduction of digital scarcity, it also includes SOME cryptos) & fiat currencies (infinitely printed "notes" backed by nothing).

Best of all, with Crypto & Gold, you effectively become your own <expletive> bank. Free to engage in instantaneous peer-to-peer (P2P) trade. By doing commerce in this manner you minimize fees on both sides of the transaction and can avoid ALL counterparty risk! This is what true financial freedom looks like. In the case of Crypto, a series of 12-24 words perfectly secure your funds. Pretty cool eh? Stick with the high quality Cryptos though as this space can be very volatile. What is a high quality Crypto? Generally this implies that the coin is decentralized & trustless. Throw in some respect for digital scarcity, an active development team, community support with growing adoption, & you have a winner!

To purchase Crypto you can set up an account on Gemini; or better yet, use a P2P exchange to buy directly from others. Whichever route you choose, make sure to do your homework first. Always hold your coins, don't leave them on exchange, and learn by sending very small amounts at first. Most importantly, you will need to securely back up & store your seed phrase(s). Never EVER share your seed phrase with anyone, including us. In the case of Goldbacks it is even easier! Goldbacks can be purchased directly from VerifiedGoldbacks.com.
The power of Crypto & Gold lies in their use for P2P trade. As such, we accept: Goldbacks, MONERO (XMR, 100% private), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC). To start using Crypto, download the Exodus Wallet which can hold hundreds of coins. If you want to take advantage of everything Monero (XMR) has to offer, Cake Wallet is an excellent choice, plus it is open source for added peace of mind. Once installed & synchronized with the network, you will have a unique wallet address and be able to freely send/receive/hold/swap coins.

For the advanced, you can purchase digital placeholders for our tools via an Ethereum Non-Fungible Token (NFT). Simply Contact Us, let us know which product(s) you would like an NFT for, and provide your Ethereum address. This can be advantageous because NFTs get you the same 10% discount and entitle you to the product upon redemption (at your convenience, no expiration date unless we expire). This is a great way to virtually stockpile, barter, or gift uThrive's lifesaving tools! Shipping may be required depending on the total value of the NFTs at the time that they are redeemedNote: NFT sales are limited at our discretion.

To take advantage of our Honest Money Discount, Email Us your order details, payment preference, & shipping address. After we receive payment, we will process your order & provide a tracking number. When paying with Goldbacks, the calculator we use is Here. We round down to the nearest digit to keep things simple. For Crypto payments, our receive addresses are provided below: