Hello & Welcome! You are probably wondering what exactly this is & where to begin. Let's get started...

We have been led to believe that we cannot handle health issues on our own. That we should instead defer to medical "experts", endless tests, and questionable pharmaceuticals. While this approach has its place, our experience finds it to be inadequate at best. When it comes to health, we must become knowledgeable in nutrition, sources of toxicity, & the basic needs of the cell. That is it! Is it easy? Of course not, it requires time & effort, but it is not nearly as difficult as you may expect. When you are not constantly wading through muddied waters, things can progress very quickly indeed. Our tools get you immediately pointed in the right direction, saving you years of research & indecision.

But FIRE YOUR DOCTOR sounds hyperbolic, is that for real? Consider this. Medical schools typically spend just a few hours teaching future doctors about nutrition. Nutrition is the single most important subject! Was this an oversight? Remember, healthcare is big business and proper nutrition is in direct opposition to that business model's profitability. Also consider that doctors must do as they are told or they face consequences. Careers can be wiped out in an instant if a medical license is revoked. Making matters worse still, doctors have undisclosed financial incentives with hospitals, drug makers, & insurance companies that present direct conflicts of interest with your care. So what are we to do? Why not get informed, identify food/toxin sensitivities, & start to improve your health on your own. Doing so should dramatically reduce your need for most doctors visits. This is what we mean when we say FIRE YOUR DOCTOR!

Legal DisclaimerIt goes without saying that, in the case of an emergency, you should immediately seek the help of a medical professional. It would be wise to determine your preferred hospitals and specialists in advance of an emergency if possible. There are many good doctors out there and we hope to give you the information needed to select the only the best of them for your care. Further, we are not doctors, our tools are not FDA approved, we do not give health advice. We sell the same tools that we use to manage our own health (and yes, we experience amazing results doing so). The Protocols that we provide with every purchase detail our approach but they are not intended to be prescriptive. Do your own research and make sure that you understand what you are doing before actually doing it. Even though our products are all-natural, please identify any allergies or sensitivities by carefully reading the ingredients list & starting with very low doses until you are confident that you can handle more. Also, use common sense. If you have a medical emergency or need surgical care etc; see a doctor. Specialists are exceedingly efficient when it comes to issues unrelated to nutrition/toxins and we are by no means advocating never going to see a doctor.

uThrive Labs offers a comprehensive system that expedites your journey towards higher health. Think of it as Holistic Health for Dummies. The key to our system lies in "The Protocols" (each supplement has one). To simplify things, we assign each tool a complexity Level from 1-5 (higher number = more involved procedure). The Protocol paperwork covers each Level & details what we have found to be most effective. Protocols are condensed into one page, allowing you to quickly learn & apply essential concepts. The Baseline & Advanced Protocols are a bit more lengthy @ approximately 2-5 pages. These most essential Protocols (only provided with our Bundles!) distill complex health information down into a series of easy-to-follow guides; providing you a lifetime of knowledge in just a few moments.

In their totality, The Protocols lift the veil on holistic health & extended longevity; catapulting you on your way to becoming your own (much better) doctor. Pro Tip: Begin to think in terms of nutrient deficiency & toxicity exposure, most disease is a result of one of these two causing the immune system to malfunction. The FDA Reference Daily Intake (RDI) or Daily Value (DV) guidance is generally worthless, so are most blood tests. Play with dosage (within the range provided) & determine your needs. This will take a few months but when you get it right, you will know. Lastly, up your defenses with occasional intermittent fasting (16+ hours) & by introducing beneficial bacteria into your diet/gut via fermented food & drink.

If you already have a routine, that's great! Our tools are designed to complement existing routines/supplements, raising your level even higher still. We found out early on that NO SINGLE MODALITY "DOES IT ALL", in fact, you should be wary of anyone making that claim. The more holistic health tools you try, the better. We are proud to say that our tools are some of the best in the business; use them in conjunction with others of similar quality! Our affiliate links outline a few that we love...<Affiliates Coming Soon!>

Start with the uBegin to Thrive Bundle (this Bundle includes Yellow Juice Yellow Juice, Binder Binder, Spike This!! Spike This!!, & Oil Puller Oil Puller). With the uBegin Bundle you will also get a jar of age-defying C60 Your Face C60 Your Face ($30 value), the latest Baseline Protocol (easily the most important Protocol, setting you up for long-term success), and qualify for free shipping. If you are ill, toxic, or just a little overweight; consider adding De-Flame De-Flame to this kit. Binder & De-Flame alone can have transformative effects as they help repair & restore the gut microbiome (aka your immune system). Do what feels right, but BE CONSISTENT in your approach (a bottle or two will not do it!). Isolate each new tool and start with a very low dose until you are certain that you don't have any sensitivities or allergies. Then increase the dose and experiment with timing & frequency as well. Work your way up to the uRise Trinity Bundle and Unleash your God-given Immune System.

As complex as supplementation & detoxification protocols can be, we attempt to simplify everything for you. To that end, your journey ahead can be viewed as an ongoing cycle. This involves cleaning the gut (Binder/De-Flame), detoxing/chelating (Carbon 60/The Wolverine/Prototype), & addressing deficiencies (Spike This!!/Yellow Juice). Do this well & your body's innate systems will take over, shielding you. Always keep your toxicity level in mind. Chelation liberates toxins. Your body then tries to expel these toxins via the bowel, urine, and/or skin; however, it can only handle a certain amount at a time. Exceed this limit and you will experience discomfort (a Herxheimer reaction, severity ranges widely, minor issues -> flu like symptoms, Pro Tip: keep Binder Binder on hand to mitigate these eventualities. Take time off to fully recover, but do not get deterred!). Your detox capacity will increase as you repeat this cycle over the coming years. Get your toxicity level low enough & you will feel reborn! Maintain this cycle and you should age gracefully, get sick much less often, and have the potential to live significantly longer than most.

In summary, managing our health is a lifelong battle, an intercellular war of sorts. We are constantly fighting against toxicity, microbiome imbalances, parasites, & nutrient deficiencies. Being able to skillfully & immediately deploy the right tool is critical when dealing with these potential killers. For this reason, education is key. We must LEARN how to identify possible deficiencies/toxic exposures/etc. & how to care for ourselves BEFORE ISSUES ARISE. We are here to help you do exactly that; welcome to the front lines warrior :)

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