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We have been led to believe that we cannot handle health issues on our own. That we should instead defer to medical "experts", endless tests, and questionable pharmaceuticals. While this approach has its place, our experience finds it to be inadequate at best. When it comes to health, we must become knowledgeable in nutrition, toxicity, and the basic needs of the cell. That is it! Is it easy? Of course not, it requires time & effort to learn, but it is not nearly as difficult as you may expect. When you are not constantly wading through muddied waters, things can progress very quickly indeed.

But FIRE YOUR DOCTOR sounds hyperbolic, is that for real? Consider this. Medical schools typically spend less than one single day (24 hours) teaching doctors about nutrition. Nutrition is the single most important subject! Was this an oversight? Remember, healthcare is big business. Within this business, doctors do as they are told or they face consequences. So what are we to do? Why not get informed, identify your body's subtleties & needs, and give yourself a chance to thrive in this increasingly toxic world. Doing so should dramatically reduce your need for most doctors visits. This is what we mean when we say FIRE YOUR DOCTOR!

uThrive Labs offers a comprehensive system that expedites your journey towards higher health. Think of it as Holistic Health for Dummies. The key to our system lies in "The Protocols" (each supplement has one). The Protocols help you reach specific milestones. To further simplify things, we assign each supplement a complexity Level from 1-5. The Protocol paperwork covers the applicable Level and details what we have found to be most effective. Each Protocol is condensed into one page, front-and-back, allowing you to quickly learn and apply essential concepts. Our Baseline & Advanced Protocols are 3-5 pages long (only available with our Bundles). These more detailed Protocols lift the veil on holistic health, parting the muddied waters that entrap so many. Alternately, if you already have a solid detox routine, that's great! Our unique approach should expose you to new modalities & help you raise your level even higher still.

Start with the uBegin to Thrive Bundle (this Bundle includes Yellow Juice, Binder, Spike This!! & Oil Puller). With the uBegin Bundle you will also get a jar of C60 Your Face ($35 value), the latest Baseline Protocol (easily the most important Protocol, setting you up for long-term success!), and free shipping. If you are especially ill, toxic, or overweight; consider adding De-Flame to this kit as well. Binder & De-Flame alone can have transformative effects as they help repair and restore the gut microbiome (aka your immune system). Do what feels right, but be consistent in your approach (a bottle or two will not do it). Eventually, work your way up to the uRise Trinity Bundle and thank us later.

As complex as our bodies are, we attempt to simplify everything so that you can focus on implementation & healing. To that end, at its most basic, health can be viewed as an ongoing cycle. This cycle involves cleaning the gut (Binder/De-Flame), detoxing (Carbon 60/The Wolverine/Prototype), and addressing cellular deficiencies (Spike This!!/Yellow Juice). Do this well and your body's innate systems will begin to take over, shielding you. On the other hand, those who disregard this cycle can expect to experience disease, advanced aging, and an early death. The choice is yours...for the disillusioned; start slow and be ready for minor setbacks on your first attempts. Your body can only handle a certain amount of free roaming toxins, exceed this limit and you will experience discomfort (called a Herxheimer reaction, look into Binder to mitigate these). Your detox capacity will increase as you repeat this cycle; get your toxicity level low enough and you should feel reborn, like a giant weight was lifted. Best of all, with our meticulous system, if you find yourself in front of a doctor again you will be equipped to intelligently direct your own care.

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